Rokycany & Plzeň Observatory

The Rokycany & Plzeň observatory is currently independent organization. It was founded by the Pilsen region on 2016, 1st July (as a merging of Observatory Rokycany and Observatory & planetarium Plzeň) but originally (from historical point of view) it was founded in 1940s. Observatory Rokycany lies on the north edge of the Rokycany town in altitude 400 m, latitude 49° 45′ 07.4″ and longitude 13° 36′ 15.6″. Observatory Plzeň lies in quarter Skvrňany in Plzeň town in altitude 325 m, latitude 49° 44′ 37.3″ and longitude 13° 20′ 56.5″.

At the Rokycany observatory we have several types of telescopes on disposal, beginning with portable apparatuses up to lenses of 15 or 20 centimetres in diameter. There is also installed 50.8 cm telescope. The attractions of the evening sky can be examined with assistance from staff at the observatory. Our visitors will be able to see the moon, some of the planets and, naturally, also distant objects in the universe, such as double stars, star clusters, nebulae and galaxies.

Our main research activity is asteroid occultation, it is the event when an asteroid passes in front of another stellar body (star).

Openning hours

Monday - Thursday: 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Evening observation: each Thursday from 6:00 PM (Nov - Feb)
7:00 PM (Mar & Oct)
8:00 PM (Apr - Sep)


Rokycany & Plzeň observatory
Voldušská 721/II
337 11 Rokycany
mail: hvezdarna(at)
phone: +420 371 722 622
director: Karel Halíř

Telescopes and Equipments

  • refractor 20” (508/3454mm), f/6.8 Dall-Kirgham
  • TV CCD camera
  • refractor 150/2250 Coude manufactered by Carl Zeiss Jena (currently under repair)
  • conference room (seating capacity 40 persons)
  • flat roof used for observation using portable telescopes
  • exhibition hall

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